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The Department of History, the College of Liberal Arts, the office of University Research, and the university assessment program at California State Univeristy, Long Beach (CSULB), have provided substantial financial, administrative, and technical support to facilitate the development of this project.

Dave Bradley with Academic Computing Services in the Steve and Nini Horn Media Center, at CSULB provided significant programming assistance and technical advice.

Linda Mehlbrech, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator for Long Beach Unified School District, organized LBUSD support for the participation of teachers in the development of the project.

Sheila Cooke-Kaysar, of the interpretation division of the Boston National Historical Park, a branch of the National Park Service, assisted with on-site support, financial contributions, and planning.

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Archivists and librarians throughout the country have been indispensable in procuring images and documents for the site. Peter Drummey and Nancy Heywood of the Massachusetts Historical Society and Teresa Tremblay of the American Antiquarian Society merit special mention.

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Project Team Members

The Elizabeth Murray Project team is comprised of a core group of teachers and scholars from California State University, Long Beach, and the Long Beach Unified School District, and an additional group of advisors and evaluators from a variety of institutions.

Curriculum materials development

Advisors and Evaluators