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California State University, Long Beach



Fall Application Deadline: June 1, 2019


- M.A. Sport Management


- Long Beach, CA


- 18 months/36 credits


- $18,900

Required GPA

- minimum 2.75

Admission Requirements

- Statement of Purpose
- Three reference forms
- Resume


- 9 credits
- Minimum 500 contact hours

- Over 400 affiliations



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Department of Kinesiology

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The Graduate Program in Sport Management

Fall Application Deadline Date: June 1, 2019

Course Descriptions

Each class is 3 units, and there are 36 units total in the program.

Cost per unit - $525

Total cost ($525 x 36) = $18,900

KIN 521. Foundations in Sport Management (3)
The Foundations course will set the stage for each of the following courses and will deal with management and supervisory philosophies, fundamental sales and marketing concepts, the principals and practices of administering and managing sport entities, strategic and tactical planning, program and product innovation, and key traits of successful leadership. Students will be challenged in the areas of Innovation, Leadership, Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Marketing & Sales Capabilities, Teamwork, Personal Presence, Personnel Development, Ethics, Accountability, and an emersion in Current Events. All of these areas will play an important role ones success in the Business of Sport!

KIN 591. Field Studies in Sport Event Management (3)
This course will primarily focus on the student’s professional development through a practical experience (100 hours) in the event management industry and event management seminars (15 hours). It will be directed and evaluated by a faculty member with the supervision of an on-site professional. The students will be assigned in a professional event fieldwork setting that enables students to experience the basic event management concepts and principles of their career specialization. The Event Fieldwork experience often provides a critical event in clarifying the student's professional goals.

KIN 513. Facility Planning and Personnel Management (3)
Students completing this course will have a distinctive professional brand and be prepared to successfully compete for and hold leadership positions in sports event and facility management. This course includes site visits and case studies exploring past and future facility designs, systems, construction, operation and administration. Students will work in small, entrepreneurial project groups to write and present an original event business plan. Professional communication skills in a commercial setting (formal and informal writing and speaking) will be developed. Students will each write a Professional Development Plan for success as a sports event and/or facility manager.

KIN 592 & KIN 592A. Sport Management Internship (3 each)
The internship is designed to provide a variety of opportunities for students to participate in sports management activities and programs in a variety of practice settings. The purpose of the internship is to prepare students for careers in the sports industry through practical application of knowledge and skills acquired in classes and elsewhere. The internship is designed to refine and extend courses and experiences in the MA degree program as well as prior education and experience. The students will participate in a sport management setting, for a minimum of 200 hours over six months for three academic units within each of the final two semesters in the program. The internship will be comprised of active preparation, management, & development of a sport related event to experience the basic sport management concepts and principles. In the final week of the session the students are required to submit an internship journal, final report and an oral summary presentation.

KIN 512. Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport (3)
During this course, students will learn basic elements of law applicable to the sports industry.  Students will learn information to assist them in (a) understanding the federal and state legal systems, (b) establishing sound legal relationships, (c) avoiding costly litigation, and (d) understanding laws protecting the rights of individuals.  The course will develop the students’ ability to apply legal principles to sports management situations.

KIN 514. Sport Finance (3)
Course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive coverage of the traditional and more innovative revenue acquisition methods available to sport organizations. Topics for study include: media rights, tax support, municipal and corporate bonds, ticket sales, concessions, fundraising, ration analysis, cash flow management, economic impact multipliers and break even analysis.

KIN 511. Sport Marketing, Fundraising & Development (3)
An overview of sport marketing and basic market terminology, as well as the role of present day sport marketing and the application of these modern concepts. Topics for discussion include sport sponsorship and activation, licensing, branding and positioning, community relations, media relations, customer relations, and the use of digital marketing and social mediums in revenue generation and product growth.

KIN 515. Sales: The Concept, the Pitch, the Close (3)                                     

The learnings from this course will be the cornerstones of the student’s ability to execute the fundamentals of the hated word, ‘Sales’.  Delivered by an experienced group of practioners, the students will be exposed to ‘Concept Development’, building upon an idea and delivering against an identified need.  Students will develop the ability to influence those decision makers who will decide the fate of their ‘Concept’.  To bring it full circle, the expectation is to execute the fundamentals of selling and close the deal.  From step one to brining an idea, product, solution, to life will be the ultimate expectation.

KIN 577. Sport in U.S. Culture(3)
Analysis of physical activities in U.S. culture. Consideration of the relationships between sports and games and the factors of status, values, environment and cultural change.

KIN 696. Professional Literature Review, Research Methods & Statistical Analysis (3)
Methodological approaches to contemporary problems in physical education; research design and reporting; bibliography. Required of all master's degree candidates. To be completed within the first 12 units of 500-600 series courses.

KIN 694. Capstone in Kinesiology (3)
The goal of this culminating class is examine current trends and issues in Sport Management by way of a research project. This class allows students to research, develop, and present a multi-disciplinary strategic plan relating to a property, cause or event in the sport business. The research project becomes a tangible asset that can be shown to prospective employers as a demonstration of the student's ability to use analytical skills, writing ability and creativity in the sport environment.