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California State University, Long Beach
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Full-Time Child Welfare CalSWEC MSW Program

California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) was instituted at CSULB School of Social Work, in 1993. The CalSWEC award is funded through Title IV-E monies from the federal government designated for child welfare training. The mission and goals of this unique partnership between social work education and the publicly supported child welfare structure focus on the reprofessionalization of public child welfare. CalSWEC provides financial support to MSW students in exchange for a commitment to work in a public child welfare agency, within the State of California, for a minimum of two years.

Program Descriptions
The CSULB School of Social Work offers a full-time CalSWEC IV-E program and a part-time CalSWEC IV-E program.

Full-time CalSWEC Stipend Program
The CalSWEC IV-E full-time stipend program provides for two years of support, at $18,500 per year, for students enrolled in the Child and Family Well-Being concentration, two-year model of the MSW program. The student signs a contract to secure full-time employment in a public child welfare agency for two (2) years, one year of employment for each year of support. However, students are expected to remain in public child welfare employment for longer than this minimum period.

In order to apply for the CalSWEC stipend, students must first be admitted into the MSW program, after which they submit an application and answer various questions designed to ascertain their interest and level of commitment to a career in public child welfare. Priority is given to applicants who reflect the diverse client population groups currently served by child welfare agencies in California. Fluency in a high-demand language is also given priority. Years of service and other child welfare experience weigh significantly into the selection process.

Individuals intending to apply for CalSWEC should be aware of the following stipulations: § Students in the program must be U.S. citizens or have a permanent visa; § Inter-University Consortium students are not eligible for the CalSWEC program, and; § CalSWEC students are not eligible for the PPS (Pupil Personnel Services) credential.

Please Note: Applicants must be admitted into the MSW Two-Year Program, Child and Family Well-being Concentration, by the first Friday in June of each year.

CalSWEC Program Requirements
Students participating in the program must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Enroll in and successfully complete the Child and Family Well-Being Concentration;
  • Maintain a B (3.0) average;
  • Successfully complete and receive a grade of credit in the first year of fieldwork placed in a nonprofit agency serving IV-E eligible children (in this case, IV-E refers to clients who are TANF eligible);
  • Successfully complete and receive a grade of credit in the second year of fieldwork placed in a public child welfare agency, and;
  • Have a valid driver's license, current automobile insurance, and secure the use of a car, as required by fieldwork.
  • Must undergo pre-screening for county employment including fingerprinting, psychological examination, and medical examination.

CalSWEC students are required to participate in specialized training seminars and activities throughout the year. Students also are involved in a specialized child welfare job fair. Additionally,students are required to take the Child Welfare elective:

  • SW 643 - Social Work Practice within Child Welfare Services

Students must repay CalSWEC if they are unable to successfully complete any of the program requirements.

For further information, please see the brochure below:

Child Welfare CalSWEC Contact

Elizabeth Pringle-Hornsby, Ed.D., MSW
CSULB School of Social Work
(562)  985-5652



CalSWEC-CW Field Instructors

CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies

CalSWEC-CW Learning Agreement Comprehensive Skills Eval - 1st Year

CalSWEC-CW Learning Agreement Comprehensive Skills Eval - 2nd Year

Special Disclosure Notice for All Applicants and Recipients of CSULB Social Work Stipend Programs:

Financial Aid Disclosure Policy for BASW and MSW Students Receiving Stipends, Awards or Scholarships

The School of Social Work forwards information about all students receiving stipends, awards and scholarships to the University’s Financial Aid Office, which administers anddisburses all stipends, educational awards and scholarships.  Please be aware that this may change all funding students receive, if any, from the Financial Aid Office. Students applying for a stipend, award or scholarship are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office directly to discuss their overall financial aid package.