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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Kinesiology

General Activity Program (GAP)

Program Description

Physical activity courses are a popular and important component of General Education at California State University Long Beach.  Each year about 6500 students choose one or more courses in Department of Kinesiology from a diverse list of possibilities (e.g., aquatics, dance, fitness, individual sports, martial arts, outdoor activities and team sports).

Department faculty and administrators believe that the physical activity program is an essential part of General Education at CSULB and that participation in physical activity contributes to overall well-being and quality of life.   Moreover, the Department recognizes that this may be the last time that students experience structured learning in physical education.  We therefore have the responsibility for ensuring that students experience a top-notch program, many for the first time in their lives.  Previous experiences with school programs have often left false impressions about the purpose of physical education and what is expected of a physically educated person at CSULB. As a result, it is not uncommon for students to enter our classes unprepared for what we have to offer: a focused and well-designed and controlled learning environment.           

Because physical education and physical activity are significant components of the of the Department of Kinesiology, we are committed to maintaining a program in which students acquire attitudes and behaviors that enhance somatic wellness over the lifespan.  We believe this is accomplished through the valuing and development of health-related fitness and motor skills, which in turn are likely to enhance motivation and interest in maintaining a physically active lifestyle, as well the ability to do so.

Program Goals  

Depending on the particular course, students in the General Activity Program must attain at least one, but preferably more, of the following goals:

    • Increased performance in one or more of the following:
    • Muscular strength and endurance
    • Cardiorespiratory fitness
    • Agility
    • Flexibility
    • Balance
    • Coordination

The following should also be enhanced/increased as a result of completing your course:

    • Development of specific motor skills (e.g., in a game or performance situation).
    • Awareness and knowledge about the specific activity, including terminology and rules.
    • Motivation to participate in the activity outside of class time.
    • Comfort and confidence when engaging in the activity.
    • Appreciation of the psychophysical demands and aesthetics of the activity.

Listing of General Activity Courses

View sample Course Syllabus.

For more information regarding the General Activities Program please contact Dr. Grant Hill or Dr. Alison Wrynn.