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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Kinesiology

Christine GalvanChristine Galvan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Physical Education Teacher Education

Office: HHS2-215

Phone: 562-985-2886



University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D., 2004

Advising Area: Physical Education Teacher Education Option

Mini Biography

Dr. Christine Galvan specializes in Physical Education Teacher Education and Positive Youth Development. Dr. Galvan has authored articles in peer-reviewed education journals and has presented at State and National education conferences. In addition to teaching undergraduate pre-service teachers and mentoring graduate students, Dr. Galvan conducts research that explores reciprocity of service-learning programs and how such programs can enhance knowledge for university students, underserved populations, faculty, and community partners. Her research uses constructivist theory to focus on effective teaching practices in physical education while serving populations most in need. Fitness, nutrition, and personal and social responsibility are the mechanisms used to reach, teach, and empower students. Qualitative and Quantitative research paradigms are used to determine program outcomes.

Areas of Teaching (Courses Taught)

KIN 477- Measurement and Curriculum in Physical Education

KIN 528- Physical Activity and Fitness in K-12 Physical Education

KIN 529- Positive Youth Development and Physical Activity

EDSS 473P- Student Teaching Seminar-Physical Education

EDSS 300P- Introduction to Teaching Physical Education

KIN 476- Physical Education for the Elementary School Teacher

Recent Publications

Larson, A., & Galvan C. (2017).The physical activity preferences of overweight 4th/5th grade students. Accepted for publication, December 8, 2015, In Press. Mar/Apr. 2017. The Physical Educator.

Galvan, C. & Parker, M. (2011). Investigating the Reciprocal Nature of Service Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education. Journal of Experiential Education, 34(1), 55-70.

Galvan, C., Nguyen, H., & Williams, E. (2011). Teaching and Assessing English Language Learners in Physical Education. California Association of Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) JOURNAL, Spring, 48-51.

Gray, V., Galvan. C., & Donlin, A. (In Press). Integration of Service Learning Research into a Community Nutrition Program. Submitted to Family & Consumer Research Journal, accepted December, 2016.

Galvan, C., & Rodriquez, T. (2016). Club Fit! An Elementary Physical Education and Mentoring Program. California Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (CAHPERD). Santa Clara, CA. March, 2016. (Refereed).

Lin, S., Gray, V., Galvan. C., & Ede, A. Development of a Female Leadership Academy Focused on Promoting Eating Competence and Body Acceptance, BUILD, Long Beach, CA. December, 2016. (Refereed).

Galvan, C., Donlin, A., Nesbitt, S. (2015). The Beach Community Wellness Program: A University-Community Collaboration. California Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (CAHPERD). Los Angeles, CA. March, 2015. (Refereed).

Nesbitt, S., Galvan, C., Donlin, A. (2015). The Effects of a 12-week Fitness Intervention Program for Underserved Adults. Latino Health Equity Conference. Long Beach, CA      April, 2015. (Refereed).

Current Projects/Interests/Research

Service-Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education

Positive Youth Development Programs

Pre-Service Teacher Assessment

Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility

Yoga in K-12 public school settings

Current projects

Service-learning for underserved students and pre-service teachers

Impact of the responsibility model on Female Leadership Academy participants.