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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Kinesiology

Adapted Physical Education Documents

This section is designed to help you better understand the CSULB APE program. Each section provides a title, followed by a brief explaination of the information, followed by a download hyperlink of the information in PDF format.

APE General information read first

PE Overview & Frequently Asked Questions

These documents provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization (APEAA) Program. Candidates are advised to read these two document first as both will provide an overview of the program and will answer the majority of your questions regarding the program and includes such links such as CSULB tuition costs.

CSULB APEAA Credential Program Summary link

General APE Information

The following link is a memo that is helpful in understaning how to apply and to the APEAA program better understand the application links on this website that follow General information APE link

Contact information

Dr. Blavay, CSU, Long Beach, Kinesiology Department APE Coordinator, 1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90840, 562/985-4077

Dr. Barry Lavay Professor APE Coordinator

Dr Melissa Bittner Assistant Professor

Dr. Lori Reich Instructor


California Commission on Teacher Crendentialing (CTC) Title 5 Regulations pertaining to the Added Authorization in Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization (APEAA)

to apply to teach in CA see APEAA and reguirements

See the following CTC website

The new 2013 CTC revised Added Authorization Program Standards PDF Document outlines APE AA specific guidance and state reguirements for sponsors of APE Programs.


Program Candidates Signature form is a contract between the candidate and APE Coordinator regarding the course work needed to successfully meet all course work requirements to receive the California APE AA . This is the signature form that candidates will provide to the CSULB Credential office upon successfully completing the APEAA program.

CSULB APE Coursework reguirement description Link

Candidate Roadmap for APEAA Authorization Credential Advising

The CSU APE Coordinators have developed guidelines or aroadmap for credential advising toward the successful completion of the APEAA. Reguirements for APEAA candidates who hold either a Single Subject Physical Education (SSPE), Multiple Subject (MS) or Education Specialist (SE) credential.

APE Mission Statement &Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Mission Statement link This document provides the APE program mission statement with student learning outcomes.


APE Authorization Application Process with an Existing Credential- CAL STATE APPLY

Application procedures are only for candidates wishing to add an APE authorization (APEAA) to an already existing SSPE, MS or SE credential. Application admission deadlines are Fall semester -November 1 and Spring Semester -June 1.

Making application- After creating your profile in CAL State apply, be sure to include CSULB campus, on extended profile prompt choose -graduate including credential and certificate programs and on advanced credential option prompt choose APE specialist service.

CAL STATE Apply screen shots  Go to the link here to assist with screen shots of application process

Candidate WHO DO NOT have a credential need to complete the credential program and apply to the single subject credential program only (contact Dr. E. Williams Candidates can take course work toward their APEAA simultaneously with SS credential courses.

University Admissions Questions:

Enrollment Services: 562-985-5471

Technical Issues with CSU Apply Application:

E-mail: Phone: 857-304-2087

Chat: Available in the applicant portal by clicking on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the application.  Applicants should provide their 10-digit CAS ID number to Liaison when they contact them and explain the issue they are experiencing.

Separate KIN application: You must also make application to Dr. B Lavay APE Credential Coordinator and the KIN Dept -directions follow

KIN APEAA Application Information

Include: unofficial transcripts that apply to application. COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. Include with your application a ONE PAGE SUMMARY justification ofadmission to the CSULB APEAA program and desire to teachphysical education to children with disabilities and USmail to APE Coordinator, Barry Lavay, CSU, Long Beach, Dept KIN, 1250 Bellflower Blvd., LB CA 90840.


Undergrad APE BS concentration Suggested Undergraduate Academic Program Plan and Forms

See Undergraduate KIN Option in PETE concentration in APE BS work sheet to help you with advising and course work reguirements. Check with advisor for latest update.

APE overview power point slides

KIN-PETEAdvising coursework

General Academic Advising in APE Option

This document provides the undergraduate student enrolled in the APE concentration with both general and specific APE advising information.

General information for advising APE

APEAA Program APEAA and SSPE simultaneously

The coursework requirements to obtain the APE AA credential and the Single Subject PE credential coursework

Adapted Physical Education Poster

APE Student Teaching Information

Student Teaching Manual and strategies for securing an APE school job

The purpose of the student teaching experience is to provide the prospective teacher with an opportunity to observe, develop, and practice teaching skills in adapted physical education (APE). This is usually the culminating and most important experience in your professional preparation program toward receiving the APE AA .


The following powerpoint slides provide information for securing an APE position in the schools

Securing an APE position strategies slide show

APE Interview General Questions



The following provides directions, information and documents needed to complete the APEAA program. Included are: (a) Memo with directions for completing the exit process (b) APE AA Portfolio directions and grade rubric, and (c) APE AA Student Exit Survey and Self report of Perceived Learning Outcomes -see website link in memo. Click on the links that follow and bring this material with you to the exit interview carefully READ first IMPORTANT

Memo Exit interview Directions  (FALL 2019)

Signature Sign off sheet for APEAA course work completed to bring to Credential Office

APEAA Teaching Portfolio

Each candidate must submit an APEAA Teaching Portfolio ahead of time to the Department APE Coordinator as part of successfully completing the APEAA program. Included are the directions to complete the portifolio and the grade rubric the instructor will use to evaluate the reguired materials of each candidates work. Include those outlined examples in your portifolio

Portifolio Rubric and Directions

APE Portfolio Student Example

The following STUDENT examples of APE Portfolio passed with distinction and are excellent examples to follow.

Student  APE Portfolio Student example Adriana Ramos

Student APE Portfolio student example Amber Salcido

Student APE Portifolio Student Example Cindy Sarabia

Student APE Portifolio Student Example Vannesa Brito

EXIT SURVEY and SELF REPORT of Perceived Learning Outcomes APE AA

This is a survey developed by the APE AA Program to identify the major learning outcomes students need while preparing to teach APE in the public schools. Please respond to the survey by going to the link listed below and answering the questions on the survey. Please print the page that states you have complete the survey and bring to the exit interview meeting. You can go to the link below or cut and pasted the website URL below into your browser and complete the survey

CSULB APEAA Alumni Information & Graduates

We are very proud of our Alumni and the good work they do! Provided is information on the CSULB APE program. This includes a brief year by year list (since 1996) of the students and teachers who have received their APEAA from CSULB and a brief description of yearly events that have occurred in the APE program. Also a link to the namesof all APEAA graduates by year

APEAA Graduates by Each Year

Alumni page


CSULB University Programs - After School Adapted Physical-activity Program (ASAPP) & Camp Nugget- provided is information describing year round (fall, spring, and summer sessions) programs of physical activity for children with disabilities including the school year ASAPP and summer Camp Nugget. For more information open the links to the programs listed below or go to and click the community section of the Kinesiology website:

"Inside CSULB" discusses the CSULB APE program

Summer Camp Nugget summer programs for children with special needs

ASAPP after school program for children with special needs fall and Spring

The CAHPERD State Council on Adapted Physical Education (SCAPE) is the working body of the APE Section of the General Division of the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (CAHPERD).

Educational Psych Clinic academic program for children with special needs in the College of Education-

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