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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Kinesiology

Graduate Program in Sport Management

This option prepares individuals for careers in athletic administration and sports management. Upon completion of this program (36 units), individuals will be prepared to work in the sports industry in a variety of settings, including professional, intercollegiate, and interscholastic sports and sport-related businesses.


1.  Take all the following courses:

KIN 511A   Sports Marketing, Development and Fund Raising (3)

KIN 511B   Sports Marketing, Development and Fund Raising (3)

KIN 512 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport (3) 

KIN 513 Personnel and Facility Management in Athletics (3)

KIN 514 Sport Finance (3)

KIN 521 Foundations of Sport Management (3)

KIN 591 Field Studies in Sport Event Management (3)

KIN 592A Sports Management Internship (6)

KIN 694 Capstone in Kinesiology (3)

KIN 695 Seminar in Professional Literature (3)

KIN 696 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis (3)

2.  Pass written and oral portions of Comprehensive Exam .

Link to Sport Management program website:

Refer to the KIN Graduate Student Handbook for additional information regarding the option.

Contact Information

For information regarding the Graduate Program in Sport Management, contact Diane Higgs, Manager of Student Affairs or Stephen Hawn , Associate Director at (714) 916-2008 .