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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Kinesiology

Option in Fitness, Bachelor of Science

(120 units)

This option is designed for students interested in careers in the fitness industry, e.g. fitness director, manager, program specialist, coordinator, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, or group instructor in corporate, commercial, YMCA, or other public or private facilities.

All applicants including freshmen and transfers, click here for more information on the application process at CSULB, including currently required courses, for options with Major Specific Admission Requirements.

Current CSULB students interested in the Major Specific Admission Requirements in Fitness, click here for further information.

Degree Requirements

Core Courses:

  • BIOL 207 Human Physiology (4)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements.
  • BIOL 208 Human Anatomy (4)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements.
  • KIN 300 Biomechanics of Human Movement (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 208 or equivalent.
  • KIN 301 Exercise Physiology (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 207 or equivalent 4-unit Human Physiology course with 3-hour lecture and 3-hour laboratory with a grade of "C" or better or consent of instructor.
  • KIN 312 Motor Control and Learning (3)
    Prerequisites: For KIN majors: BIOL 207, 208; PSY 100. For PSY Neuroscience majors: BIOL 208, 342; PSY 100.

Lower Division:

  • NUTR 132 Introductory Nutrition (3)
    Prerequisites/Corequisites: One Foundation course.
  • PSY 100 General Psychology (3)
    Prerequisites/Corequisites: GE A1 requirement.
  • STAT 108 Statistics for Everyday Life (3)
    Prerequisites: None
  • KIN 218 Introduction to the Fitness Industry (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 263 Techniques of Physical Fitness (2)
    Prerequisites: None.

Physical Activity Courses:

Take a minimum of 7 units selected from different classes chosen from the following:

  • KIN 100A, 102A, 104A, 106A, 107A, 108A, 109A, 110A, 112A, 114A, 114B, 114C, 121A, 124A, 125A, 125B, 126A, 127A, 142, 145A, 146A, 148A, 149A, 151A, 152A, 161A, 162A, 165A, 166, 167A, 168A, 169A,172A, 172B, 172C, 183A, 185, 189, 198F, 198G, 198H, 198J, 242, 243A, 243C, 244, 245, 246A, 247A, 250, 251, 253, 255, 257, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268.

Upper Division:

  • KIN 339I Psychology of Sport Behavior and Athletic Performance (3)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements, PSY 100, and upper-division standing.
  • KIN 363 Theory and Analysis of Group Fitness Instruction (2)
    Prerequisites: KIN 263.
  • KIN 364 Fitness for Adult Populations with Unique Health Considerations (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 301.
  • KIN 367 Fitness and the Aging Process (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 301.
  • KIN 368 Resistance Training for Fitness (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 300 and 301.
  • KIN 467 Fundamentals of Personal Training (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 368. Open to Fitness Option students in Kinesiology only, or consent of instructor.
  • KIN 468 Nutrition for Exercise and Performance (3)
    Prerequisites: NUTR 132, KIN 301.
  • KIN 469 Fitness Management (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 363, 368.
  • KIN 478 Psychological Aspects of Exercise and Fitness (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 339I; upper division standing or consent of instructor or graduate standing.
  • KIN 489D Fieldwork in Fitness (3)
    Prerequisites: Completion of Kinesiology course requirement for the major option in which the field work is taken. KIN 467, completion of 200 hours in a corporate fitness setting, 200 hours in a traditional fitness setting and 100 hours of approved fitness experience.

Take one of the following:

  • KIN 332I Sociocultural Dimensions of Sport and Human Movement (3)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirement, one or more Exploration course and upper-division standing.
  • KIN 335 Historical and Cultural Foundations of Sport and Kinesiology in America (3)
    Prerequisites: Upper division standing.

Take nine units of elective courses from the following:

  • ATEP 207, 309; NUTR 433, 439; H SC 421, 423, 427, 429; KIN 315, 332I*, 335*, 462, 487; REC 421, 423, 425, 427.

* If not taken as one of the major required upper-division courses.

A fieldwork, field experience, or internship requires current certification in First Aid (American Red Cross: Community First Aid & Safety or Emergency Response or Workplace Training: Standard First Aid or equivalent) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (American Red Cross: Adult CPR or Adult, Infant & Child CPR or CPR for the Professional Rescuer; American Heart Association: Adult CPR or Adult, Infant & Child CPR or ACLS Provider or equivalent) prior to enrollment.

Additional Information

Students enrolling in physical education activity courses assume responsibility for satisfactory health status appropriate to the class activity.

In addition to the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, the Major must meet the following Department policies and requirements for University graduation:

1. Each major course and prerequisite course must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. A course in which a grade lower than a "C" is received must be retaken and successfully completed prior to enrolling in any course for which it is a prerequisite;

2. Upper division courses may not be waived by substitution or examination without Department petition and approval;

3. Department approval.

Contact Information

For answers to questions regarding the Option in Fitness, contact Dr. Jan Schroeder.

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