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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Kinesiology

Option in Exercise Science (Master of Science)

This option is designed to provide up-to-date theoretical principles and practical experiences in exercise physiology and biomechanics.


1. Required Coursework (12 units):

KIN 530 Neuromotor Control (3)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing, KIN 312 or equivalent.

KIN 541 Applied Biomechanics ((3)

Prerequisites: KIN 300 or equivalent.

KIN 551 Advanced Exercise Physiology (3)

Prerequisites: KIN 301 or equivalent and BIOL 207 or equivalent.

KIN 696 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis (3)

Prerequisites: Undergraduate major in Kinesiology or related field, undergraduate Statistic course or equivalent.

2. Elective Courses (18 units):

Select six of the following courses:

KIN 540, KIN 552, KIN 553, KIN 562, KIN 565, KIN 566, KIN 568, KIN 594, KIN 630, or KIN 697

3. Select option A or B (6 units):

A. Pass written and oral portions of Comprehensive Exam and complete 6 units of electives from within or outside of the department offerings selected from appropriate areasof interest in consultation with advisor.

B. Thesis/Project: Complete KIN 698 (6 units)

Foundational Course Work

Each Kinesiology graduate option has a requirement of foundational course work.  The foundational course work requirements specific to the Option in Exercise Science are as follows:

  • Chemistry 111A (General Chemistry – 5 units including laboratory)
  • Biology 207 (Human Physiology – 4 units including laboratory)
  • Biology 208 (Human Anatomy – 4 units including laboratory)
  • Kinesiology 300 (Biomechanics of Human Movement – 3 units including laboratory)
  • Kinesiology 301 (Exercise Physiology – 3 units including laboratory)
  • Kinesiology 312 (Motor Control and Learning – 3 units including laboratory)

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Contact Information

For answers to specific questions regarding the Option in Exercise Science, please contact Dr. Joshua A. Cotter.