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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Hospitality Management

About The Program
Hospitality Management is offered as a Bachelor of Science degree in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at California State University, Long Beach. It is designed to prepare students with the necessary background and expertise to excel as managers and leaders in the restaurant, foodservice, hotel, and lodging industries. The program provides a broad-based foundation in both academic and professional courses and includes hands-on practical experience.

The Hospitality Management program at CSULB is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA), a specialized accrediting body.

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Student and Professional Involvement
The Hospitality Management program offers students the option to participate in various professional and extracurricular activities and provides many opportunities for work experience and job placement in the surrounding area. Various internships, students clubs, and guest speakers provide students with assistance in obtaining knowledge about the many varied careers in foodservice and hotel management. Activities include networking, guest lectures, attending professional meetings, and touring various industry sites, such as hotels, restaurants, catering operations, etc.

Employment Opportunities
Those who graduate in this option will find excellent employment opportunities in their profession. Graduates with this major can find work as a restaurant manager, hotel manager, catering director, food and beverage director, foodservice manager in a college, university, or corporate setting, manager in a motel or bed and breakfast facility, healthcare hospitality foodservice director, school foodservice director, club manager, meeting planner, manager in senior nutrition programs, stadiums or amusement parks, or as a food purchaser or broker. Obtaining experience in the industry helps create a competitive advantage and aids in more rapid advancement.

Course of Study
To receive a B.S. degree in Hospitality Management, students must complete a minimum of 120 units (including general education) and have the opportunity to take advanced courses to focus and enhance their studies in an area of interest.

Courses offered to complete the major include:
Introduction to Hospitality Management
Applied Foodservice Sanitation
Fundamentals of Food Preparation
Orientation to the Hospitality Management Major  
International Hospitality Development
Food Production & Service in Hospitality Management
Financial Accounting
Exploring a Sustainable Food System
Human Resources in Foodservice & Lodging Management
Hotel & Lodging Management
Hotel & Restaurant Information Technology
Hospitality Marketing & Service Management
Cost Control in Hospitality Management
Legal Issues in Hospitality Management
Professional Integration into Hospitality Management
Hotel & Restaurant Financial Management
Leadership & Strategic Management in Hospitality
Internship in Hospitality Management
Meeting Planning in Hotels & Restaurants
Foodservice Administration
Food Production Systems II
Advanced Hotel Administration
Hotel & Lodging Property Management
Beverage Management
Directed Studies

All students complete 800 hours of approved work experience plus an internship.

Hospitality Management B.S. Degree Advising Worksheets

Minor Option
The program offers a minor in Hospitality Management that requires 22 units for completion. A minor in Event Planning and Management is also available and consists of 24 units. Students should refer to the catalog and meet with an advisor to determine specific graduation requirements.


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