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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

The CSULB Gerontology Program Goals


1 Provide a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum that gives new and seasoned professionals the competencies necessary for success in the field of aging.
2 Provide experiential as well as didactic graduate education and professional training in gerontology for individuals planning to become professionals in public and private agencies.


3 Provide professional field experiences in gerontology in order to enhance understanding of concepts, themes, and skills related to aging at various life stages, within different gender and racial/ethnic groups and among people with various abilities.


4 Provide knowledge and skills necessary to plan, develop and implement innovative programs to meet the needs of the State’s vast and growing aging population.
Explore aging-related professional values and ethics.




Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this graduate degree in Gerontology you will be able to:

1Assume leadership positions in governmental, for- profit, and non-profit programs and services at the federal, state, and/or local level.


2  Apply principles of cultural competence regarding cohort, gender, race/ethnicity, and diverse abilities as it applies to aging in the U.S. and globally.


3  Integrate intergenerational concepts into case management and program planning


4 Demonstrate the ability to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate programs for older persons based on systematic needs assessment at the individual, community, and/or agency level, using appropriate technologies.
5 Demonstrate the ability to conduct and/or evaluate appropriate research.


6 Exercise sound professional judgment based on ethical standards and expectations of the field.


7 Develop professional identity as a gerontologist to effectively work with an interdisciplinary team.


8 Apply concepts and skills related to aging at various life stages to field experiences in gerontology.


9 Demonstrate advocacy skills to participate in policy formation, implementation, and analysis on the local, state, and federal level for aging related issues.