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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Required Internship in Gerontology Program

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  1. The Internship course is GERN 592 and is taken with FCS students.
  2. The Internship course can be repeated for a total of 6 units if a student wants a full year’s experience in the field.
  3. The Internship includes a minimum of 120 hours of experience – approximately 8 hours per week.
  4. The Internship class does not meet weekly, but meets for a limited number of sessions throughout the semester.
  5. The internship course requires collaborative development of learning objectives among the student, a gerontology faculty, and the agency supervisor.
  6. The agency supervisor must have a minimum of a master’s degree.
  7. Internship sites for graduate and undergraduate students are developed on an individual basis. Each student’s internship is tailored to their program goals. No student is arbitrarily placed in an internship.
  8. An internship should be arranged with the Program Director or another Faculty Member.
  9. All internship sites must have an official contract with the University. Contracts can be obtained through the Program Director and should be initiated in a timely manner, prior to the semester in which the internship is planned.
  10. The internship course is usually taken later rather than earlier in the program. This will allow the student to build on previous coursework.
  11. Select an internship that a) lets you explore a new avenue in aging; and/or b) positions you for employment; and/or c) provides you with an opportunity to develop a thesis or project..
  12. GERN 592 requires a permit to register. See the Program Director to obtain this.

The Internship course requires extensive evaluations of the experience and the student’s performance by the internship supervisor.