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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Family Life Education

Family Life Education in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences provides an academic and professional background for work with children, adults, couples, and families. It offers an interdisciplinary foundation in several areas that influence and enhance the quality of life of children, adults, couples, and families based on education, enrichment and prevention. Fieldwork opportunities where students have direct experiences with individuals and families in the community are provided for qualified students.

About Family Life Education

This option was introduced in response to a certification process developed by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR). NCFR is the leading national organization for professionals concerned with promoting and enhancing the quality of family life. NCFR sponsors the only national program to certify family life educators.

After completing the recommended preparatory course work in this department, it is possible to get two types of certification from NCFR:

Provisional Certification from NCFR is available to students who complete the approved courses that correspond to the ten substance areas from an approved program, but without the minimum two years of work experience.

Full Certification from the NCFR is available to students who graduate from an approved academic program and have completed at least two years of work experience as a family life educator. The work experience of the student has to be submitted, reviewed, and approved by an NCFR review committee.

Benefits of NCFR Certification

  • Recognition of the high standards and criteria needed to provide quality family life education.
  • Validation of the student's education and work experience.
  • Completion of the ten substance areas of family life education.
  • Acknowledgement of the preventive focus of family life education.


Career options for professionals in the field of Child Development and Family Studies are wide-ranging; many of our graduates pursue the following opportunities:
  • Parent Educator
  • Family Life Educator in Government, Private, or Business Setting
  • Coordinator for Public Policy Issues Affecting Children and Families
  • Research Facilitator for Projects Focusing on Children, Adolescents, and Families
  • Bereavement Counselor for Children and Families
  • Teen and Adolescent Counselor
  • Consultant to Work with Military Families
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Work in a Ministry Setting


Alumni Quotes

“The classes in the FLE track were helpful for duties related to direct service. FCS 419—Family Life Education —taught me how to conduct a needs assessment and methods to deliver services. ”

- Margarita Harris, Project Coordinator and Parent Educator

“The Department of Family Consumer Sciences has a family feel with the education of a large university.”

- Ann Takata-Saneto, Child Development Consultant


Nilufer Medora

(Ph.D., University of Nebraska, CFLE, Coordinator for FLE program.) Teenage pregnancy and parenting, human sexuality, adolescent loneliness, cross-cultural family studies, dating, and mating selection.



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University Catalog

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Family Life Education
Medora, N.
Family Life Education
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