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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Criminal Justice

MS in Emergency Services Administration (code OCSTMS01)


The Master of Science Degree in Emergency Services Administration is designed to provide students with the conceptual foundation and managerial communication and analytical skills required for designing, testing, and implementing an effective response to workplace and community emergencies. Such emergencies may involve the potential loss of human life and property due to fire, explosion, release of hazardous chemicals, structural failures, natural calamities, and terrorist acts. The program has two major purposes:

  1. To provide an understanding of the administration and management of emergency managers, and

  2. To prepare students for leadership roles in emergency disaster administration by stressing independent research, communication and writing skills, exposure to experts, and practical experiences of respected emergency services and disaster organizations, both nationally and internationally.

The intended audiences are practitioners from the public and private sectors who are engaged in the delivery or coordination of emergency services. Faculty teaching EMER courses represent a truly interdisciplinary team of researchers and prominent emergency services professionals.

The program is offered completely online utilizing the latest technologies for content delivery and disaster simulations. All components of the course, including advising, instruction, simulations, group projects, and thesis and/or comprehensive examinations, can be effectively conducted remotely utilizing the technologies supporting the delivery of the EMER degree. The program has been developed for the working professional who demands a real-world curriculum delivered to accommodate a schedule requiring some degree of flexibility.

In recent years the emergency services professions have become extremely competitive. Demands for personnel to further their education in order to attain promotion and keep up with technical advances are inherent in most positions. University faculty researchers, in cooperation with emergency services personnel from several agencies, have devised this special Master of Science Degree program to meet the needs of emergency services professionals. The purpose of the degree is to develop administrative leadership skills among emergency service personnel through the study and critical analysis of the emerging discipline of emergency management. Professionals playing significant roles in emergency planning and response who would be appropriate for this degree program include:

    • firefighters,
    • police officers,
    • military personnel,
    • emergency medical services personnel, and
    • disaster planners within government, business, and industry.

The degree will equip students with a broad knowledge of the activities and the relationships of the emergency services to each other, to the community, and to other public and private entities that are affected by emergency services

If you have specific questions about the MS degree in Emergency Services Administration, please contact the EMER Program Director, Dr. James Koval.