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California State University, Long Beach
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From the Computer Lab

by Kathy Winkenwerder

New Computers
We’re very excited to have new computers in the lab. Our old ones were not only slowing down, but they also were no longer able to handle the latest operating systems. These old computers were traded in, and the new computers were installed during the break between spring and summer classes. Thanks to the Technology Group’s co-chair Wesley Peck, who was helped by OLLI members Larry Hicks and Jack Friedman and techs from the College of Health and Human Services Kelly Nguyen and Esteban Cazareza. The computers are equipped with the latest Windows (Windows 10) and Mac (Mojave) operating systems.
Three New Technology Classes!
Check Out the Apple Watch
You may have noticed a few people in your classes looking at their large watches more often than the usual time checks, or even talking into their watches like Dick Tracy. They aren’t compulsive or a little crazy. They just have Apple Watches. If you are thinking about getting an Apple Watch and want to know more about it or already have one and want to learn more of its features, Don Kisner will teach Discover the Apple Watch. Don will show you the many things the watch can do, including track your exercise, take your pulse, use Apple Pay at a store, check your texts, and, yes, talk on your phone. One fact from the class: Yes, you need to own an iPhone to use an Apple Watch if you want to connect to cellular. (The watch pairs with the iPhone by using its phone number.)

Excel II
Excel, the electronic spreadsheet, is among the world’s most used software. In addition to the standard spreadsheets that look like the old paper ledgers, it can be used for budgets and financial reports, make an inventory, manage a project, and create a mailing list. So if you know a little about Excel and want to learn more, register. The class will cover moving data, formatting, functions, “IF” functions and tables. In the past, many OLLI students took John Rogers’ Excel I class. John is now back at OLLI and will be teaching Excel II.
Pages: The Mac’s Free Word Processor
If you have a Mac computer or an iPhone or an iPad, you already have Pages. It either came with your device or you could download it free. Pages is user friendly so you can use the iCloud to share your documents (also free). It’s also compatible with Microsoft Word, so you can communicate with your friends who have Windows. And finally, it has a publishing mode, which the current version of Word for the Mac doesn’t have. Did I mention it’s free? So whether you use Word now or you’ve never used Word and want to learn Pages, I will be teaching the All about Pages class this term. (Kathy W. will be awaiting your enrollment!)

OLLI Joins In

by Rebecca Low

Make Music Long Beach is a part of a free world-wide celebration of MUSIC that takes place annually on June 21st, the summer solstice. Launched in 2018, Make Music Long Beach, a volunteer-based organization, joins an informal confederation of over 700 cities worldwide in creating opportunities for all stripes of music makers to take to the streets to celebrate the summer solstice. With support from the City of Long Beach, the Long Beach Music Council and Arts Council for Long Beach, all joined in spearheading a large-scale, city-wide celebration.
Music is a uniting force and a common language in our very diverse city. Completely different from a typical music festival, Make Music is open to anyone and takes place in every district in our city. Thousands of amateur musicians play in public spaces, often for their first time. And everyone was invited to sing
along and enjoy the first day of summer.
Marc Davidson, OLLI harmonica instructor, took the lead and challenged the other OLLI musicians to take part on June 21st and they did! We hope you had a chance to see / hear the following OLLI member groups:
• HarmoniKeys to the Highway
(Intermediate Harmonica Class)
• OLLI Jammers (24 assorted OLLI players!)
• The Old Hims (Jim Worsham and his trio)
• Dennis Murphy and Friends (Frank Swatek)
• Uncle Clarence
(Richard Harris, Craig Lowe, Marc Davidson)
• Second Wind (Marc and Pattie Davidson)

We can’t wait to see what next summer will bring. Sign up now for one of our many OLLI music classes and be ready to perform at the next celebration of summer solstice.