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California State University, Long Beach
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The History of Rock and Roll

by Roz Hertz

Music and art reflect the times in which we live. Styles and forms change throughout the years, thus telling the stories of different generations. In this class, Stephen Propes, the instructor, is going to tell us about the beginning of rock and roll including the celebrities who contributed their unforgettable talents. steve
The class will introduce us to the various styles of rock and roll. There are regional styles that originated in New Orleans, New York, Chicago, and Memphis. While listening to records (with many originals), the class can reflect on the stories associated with the
music and the history behind the time period that rock and roll represented.
Many of us will remember Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Buddy
Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley, to name a few. In this course the focus will be on rock and roll from the 40s to the 70s, with an emphasis on the 50s. Questions and comments will be welcomed.
Stephen Propes is a collector of original records and CDs. He received his B.A. degree from CSULB in 1965. Stephen has taught this class at CSULB in the extension division, at Golden West College, and in the Parks and Recreation division in the city of Lakewood. He was a disc jockey on the radio station KLON (now called KJAZZ) from 1981-1989 and has written eight books on this subject, with more to come. Our instructor writes for the Beachcomber and has also published interviews with rock and roll originators. Let’s “Shake, rattle, and roll” (from our seats, of course) and learn the history behind this dynamic music that is still very much with us. rock


OLLI to Observe Asteroid Day

June 30, 2015, the 107th anniversary of the Tunguska Event, has been designated as Asteroid Day by members of the astronomic community. They see this designation as a means of increasing public awareness of 1) the catastrophic consequences that would result if a medium sized or large asteroid collided with Earth and 2) the likelihood of that happening. They also seek to garner public support for the steps being taken by governments and private non-profits which are searching for asteroids on a possible collision course with Earth and researching the manner and means for preventing a collision from happening.
OLLI at CSULB will observe Asteroid Day with a FREE all-day SPECIAL EVENT SEMINAR on Saturday, June 27, 2015 beginning at 9:30 AM. in OLLI’s Campus Classroom (Room 101, Building HS & D). The three-part event will include
1 An “Asteroids 101” presentation, in which I will describe the nature and locations of asteroids; the results of previous encounters between Earth and these celestial bodies; and the likelihood of future collisions.
2 A screening and critique of
Armageddon, Hollywood’s 1998 flawed (but entertaining) answer to dealing with a potential asteroid collision [A lunch break will occur midway through the film.]
3 A “Where We Are Now” presentation, wherein I will provide details regarding the progress we have made tracking possibly harmful asteroids; the efforts currently under way to locate the remaining 90 percent of the potentially Earth-harming near earth objects, the present locations and trajectories of which are unknown; and the strategies currently under discussion for deflecting an asteroid determined to be on a collision course with Earth. Since this event is on a Saturday, parking will be available in Lot 9 for persons with a Summer Session Parking Permit as well as for those who purchase a “Day Pass” from the machine in the lot. Inasmuch as the event is in the middle of summer and on a Saturday, most on-campus eating facilities will be closed. Two options: *Bring your own “Brown Bag” lunch
OR *Partake in a box lunch catered and delivered to our site by the campus food service’s Chart Room. The lunch will feature a sandwich (choices: chicken, roast beef, vegetarian), fruit salad, and a cookie at a cost of $ 10.00.
*Reservations and cash payment for one of these lunches must be received by the OLLI Office by 4:00 PM Wednesday, June 25.
Coffee, doughnut holes, and water will be provided by OLLI beginning at 9:15 AM and during the lunch break.
This is a good opportunity to introduce OLLI to friends who are unaware of it. In other words, guests are invited!

Seating as space is available
Bring a friend to OLLI and share our motto:
Learn More ~ Age Less