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California State University, Long Beach
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Around the World on 2 Wheels

Imagine you are participating in a Graduate Seminar at OLLI. The class is limited to EIGHT students and one instructor. The final exam takes you away from the hallowed halls of OLLI. Your destination is Ojai. chris
You must figure out how you are getting there and back the next day. Why wasn’t school like this when you were a kid?
The earth’s circumference at the equator is about 24,855 miles. Chris Quint believes he has travelled roughly ten times that distance touring and exploring. He estimates an accumulation of at least 240,000 miles in the saddle, (bike seat) over the last four decades.
Young Mr. Quint had his first two-wheeler sans training wheels at four years of age. Graduating to a three-speed English racer at ten years of age, he was ready to see the world. Then his world consisted of the streets, parks and small neighborhoods of the community. He saw similarities and differences on these trips. He became aware of the “freedom” on these rides which took him to neighborhoods and parks he never had seen, all this without a cellphone, a tablet or GPS. By then the spirit of adventure and the heart of an explorer were born in him.
Mr. Quint is a graduate of CSULB. He has a super specialty earned from the League of American Bicyclists, a League Certified Instructor. This group of professionals not only trains cyclists, but teaches the public as well. They educate others by promoting more expertise for professionals. He is trained and has the experience to lead his students to new heights of comfort and confidence while on the trail, local streets or roads. They will acquire insights enabling them safely to anticipate behaviors of drivers, other cyclists, and pedestrians with whom these conduits are shared. His students will gain confidence and comfort in the bike lane, on paths shared by
riders every day.
Check out this specialist. Ask him about his tours on all the continents but one. Try taking this Travel by Bicycle OLLI class and we will see you on the trail!

Meet Andy

A New Community for a Community Advocate
Whether procuring low-income housing or preserving marine life, Andy Kincaid has always been dedicated to his community. So when he retired, he followed his friends to another community: OLLI.
Andy grew up in the southern California community of San Marino. He served on a Navy salvage ship in Vietnam, “picking up the flotsam and jetsam of war.” After attending UCLA on the GI Bill, he graduated in 1972 with a BA in Psychology. He then earned a teaching credential at CSULB.
Teaching jobs were scarce, so he worked for the Veterans Administration, counseling veterans. He went on to hold a variety of jobs, including serving on the staffs of former Long Beach City Council members Tom Clark, Evan Braude, and Del Roosevelt. Most recently, he worked for the Long Beach Affordable Housing
Coalition, where he helped acquire hundreds of units for low-income renters.andrew
Andy also helped guide the city’s redevelopment while chairing the Central Project Area Committee. He is an active board member of the Friends of the Colorado Lagoon. His wife, Helene Ansel, is also civic-minded. She is a senior field representative for Congressman Alan Lowenthal. Their blended family includes four children and four grandchildren.
His favorite OLLI classes are a blend of the past and present. “The Number 1 class for
myself and my friends is Shakespeare, mostly due to the dynamism of the instructor,
Michele Roberge. She’s terrific!” he says. He also enjoys contemporary social issues classes taught by Naida Tushnet.
Andy is pleased to be part of the OLLI
community. “The vast majority of instructors are well-prepared,” he says. “We have erudite discussions that appeal to me. It has been very rewarding.”