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California State University, Long Beach
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The Road to Financial Success

by Jim Worsham

Start your engines! Whether you want to increase your wealth or just keep what you have, the road to financial success is replete with obstacles, detours, and accidents that occur when least expected. Before starting, savvy investors look under the hood, learn to use a map, and obey the Financial Rules of the Road presented by financial advisor David Bassett-Parkins.
You’re invited to buckle up and prepare to learn about stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Become familiar with the workings of these financial instruments, the meaning of par value, types of mutual funds, and much more. There’s even a whole segment devoted to insurance products, such as life insurance and long-term care insurance. Follow David as he leads investors over a road that can also benefit important passengers like spouses, children, parents and others. He will show you how to avoid the road’s hazards in a fun, low-key manner. His emphasis on the effects of current events keeps many prior students returning for pit stops.
David studied for two years at Cal-Poly before taking time off to sail on a Tornado Catamaran in the 1984 Summer Olympics. This great adventure afforded him the further opportunity to travel to faraway places like Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, and Europe. Only after his wanderlust to sail and see the world was partially assuaged, did he return to finish school. His varied resume includes work as a sail maker, interior designer, stock broker, and private
equity investor. Retirement was too tame for him, and he is now a financial advisor at Edward Jones in Seal Beach and a volunteer OLLI instructor.
David, a fourth generation local guy, met his future bride Tawnie Bassett at Lakewood High School. Married for 35 years, they have two adult children and three grandchildren. His hobby today? Sailing, of course!

How Does Your Garden Grow

by Rick Adams

Whether you consider yourself experienced or just not very lucky with plants, there are things you can learn. “This class is for
gardeners of all levels,” says Tom Hood. And he wants you to Wake Up ‘n Smell the Dirt. The first class will focus on soil preparation, what to plant, fertilization, mulching, watering, and plant pests. Students are encouraged to share their gardening experiences.
The fruits from food harvests may be shared weekly in the “Nosh Pit.” Guest speakers will present discussions on flower gardening, succulents, and native plants. There will be field trips to the Prisk Native Garden and the Long Beach Community Gardens, where Tom has a plot. Last year he harvested more than 700 tomatoes. He calls gardening his “me time” as he interacts with nature and people who share their knowledge and the abundance of their harvest.
At age sixteen, Tom and his friend had a business selling horse manure and got a load he could not sell. They dumped it in his drive way and he started growing tomatoes. His garden skills have ripened over the years. He considers himself an in-the-ground gardener, but will also share information on growing in containers.
Tom grew up in New York and New Jersey, where the growing season is short, so he feels fortunate to be living in a more permissive climate. He says, “I have gardened for sixty years and enjoyed every minute of it.” He has been an OLLI member for a few years and is excited to teach this class.
He earned a BS in Zoology from the U. of Maryland. He later earned a teaching credential in life sciences from Cal State Dominguez Hills. He taught high school biology, anatomy and physiology and A.P. environmental science at Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts.