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California State University, Long Beach
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Philosophy in an Age of Science

by Art Gottlieb

We live in an age dominated by science and technology, but what does that fact signify for philosophy? Can we learn anything from philosophy that cannot be learned from science? This class, led by Dr. Shane Andre, will attempt to show that we can.
Beginning with a comparison of science and philosophy, participants will find that, while the subjects are alike in some respects, they are interestingly different in others. They will also find different conceptions of philosophy itself, such as the ancient view of philosophy as the love or pursuit of wisdom; the proto-science view of it as science in the making; and the shaneanalytic view of it as conceptual analysis and critical thinking. Dr. Andre will propose that each concept has something important to contribute.
The class, Philosophy in an Age of Science, will also discuss a number of perennial philosophical questions. What is truth and how can we discover it? Is knowledge the same as true belief? How is it possible for physical bodies to be conscious? Can choices be both free and subject to natural law? What is the place of value in a world of matter? And what are the basic requirements of morality?
Although the answers may be controversial, the class will be concerned with how they can still be significant, reasonable and even true. Different conclusions and points of view will be shared and discussed in the classroom.
Currently retired, Dr. Andre taught philosophy at CSULB for 30 years and remains passionate about the subject. He looks forward to exploring "philosophy" with everyone in his OLLI class.

**** Register early for this one - class size is limited and Leisure World residents have priority.

In the Computer Lab

by Kathy Winkenwerder

It’s Tool TimeHAROLD
Brush up on your Photoshop Elements skills by learning to use the variety of editing tools in Tool Time, a new class taught by veteran Elements instructor
Harold Drab. Take the class if you’ve taken a Photoshop Elements class in the past but haven’t used the tools because you can’t remember what they’re for. Maybe you’ve used an older version of the software but want to see what the new versions of the tools can do. You might also be new to Elements and want to begin learning about it by taking Tool Time. You’ll be shown how to use the software’s tools to straighten, crop, or resize an image, draw or add shapes, get rid of red eye, clean up spots, erase part of an image, change colors and much more. All five categories of tools will be discussed.

Yosemite Is Now on Lab Macs
If you take a Mac class in the computer lab this term, you’ll see that Yosemite, the newest Mac operating system, has been installed on the lab’s computers. Now students who are new Mac owners or who have upgraded their current computer’s operating system will see the same thing in the lab that they see at home. That’s a good thing because here are just a few of the changes in the way the software looks and works: the standard typeface is different; the icons are flatter; iCloud in Yosemite has a separate drive to make it easier to store, view and organize files; and files can now be transferred between the iOS 8 and Yosemite operating systems.

To learn more about Tool Time or Mac classes, see the computer section of The SUN.