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California State University, Long Beach
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President's Corner


Anyone who has tried to build or grow a business or other kind of organization soon learns that human organizations are, well, organic. In the end, we do not really build of grow organizations. A farmer does not really build a crop nor does a gardener grow a garden. The wise farmer or gardener finds, prepares, and cares for a welcoming space where crops or garden plants will thrive and grow. OLLI is this kind of space. Our Governing Council and Working Groups do not create the OLLI experience for our members. We try to cultivate a space where our members can find roots, grow, prosper, and enrich one another as instructors, students, and volunteers who tend this fertile ground together where it all happens.
OLLI volunteers make sure our lifelong learning spaces on the CSULB campus, Pine Avenue, and Leisure World are fresh and inviting to our community. In my past six years as a member of the Governing Council, I have seen how our volunteers have nurtured OLLI’s steady growth in curriculum choices, financial stability, and member diversity. Our volunteers’ dedication, skills, and loyalty are the best I have ever seen.
At the September membership meeting, we will elect Governing Council officers for the next two years to tend these fertile spaces which our OLLI members, instructors, and other volunteers have made part of their lives. I hope that you will join us here at 1:30 pm Saturday, September 19 to celebrate OLLI and to elect Governing council officers who will keep tending this enriching and welcoming space for lifelong learning and growth.




From the Executive Director

By Dr. Barbara White

PARK is a four letter word that challengesbarb students on most campuses throughout the country. At OLLI we have experienced many parking changes over the past couple of years. We’ll need to learn to LIVE (another four letter word) with these changes and make them work for us. Here are some reminders:
* Members with a “blue” $33 parking permit park in Lot 11 or parking structures 2 and 3.
* Members with handicap placards and a $33 parking permit are able to park in ANY SPACE in Employee Lot 9 or Lot 11 (but not those reserved for carpool or other special permits).
*Our volunteers, the backbone of our OLLI, can use their complimentary parking passes in Lot 11 and parking structures 2 and 3.
*Members of both OLLI and the LifeFit Center get parking permits for Lot 10 (in front of LifeFit Center) included with a three month or more membership.
* If you come to OLLI with a friend, consider getting a “Carpool” pass from the Parking Services office. This gives you access to the designated spaces in Lot 11.
*You can also have someone drop you off and pick you up in front of the OLLI building. If using ACCESS or UBER or a GPS, you might indicate the address 1 block away at 6300 State University Dr.
Here are a few parking suggestions:
*Come to campus as early as possible to find a good parking spot. Enjoy a drink or snack at the Outpost Café until class begins.
*HYDRATE, hydrate, hydrate. In warm weather, remember to drink water before and after you walk from Lot 11.
*Think positively: walking is a healthy exercise.
If you’re walking in the noon-day sun, wear a hat to keep sun protected.
*In the Fall and Spring, you can take the University Shuttle (Campus Tripper) from marked stops at the southwest corner of parking structure 2 (“csulb 70”), the marked stop between PS 2 and 3 (“csulb 69”). This shuttle arrives every 15 minutes and will drop you off in front of the Design building (“csulb 91”). Walk through the building and OLLI is just across the access road.
For your convenience, see a map of this east loop shuttle service on the CSULB website. If you have a mobile phone you can see the route at as well as estimated times of arrival at a particular stop.
Keep calm and PARK!