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California State University, Long Beach
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Editor's Comments


As I pondered things to share in this issue, an idea came while I sat in Steve Propes’ class, The History of Rock & Roll. I recalled times gone by that I associate with the songs he presented. The times are gone, but the memories linger, as do many melodies.
Years ago TV reporter Ralph Story did a series on “Things That Are Not There Anymore.” He revisited things around Los Angeles that left their mark and created memories, but are long gone. One of my favorites was the Helms Bakery and their fleet of bakery trucks loaded with savory offerings conveniently delivered to our neighborhood. The toot toot of the driver’s two-toned whistle announced his presence and beckoned home makers and children by the score. There was a slow reveal as he pulled open the long oak and glass drawers that protected fresh-baked goods. For the moms he tugged on the bread drawer for their selections. Kids salivated as he took forever to expose the contents of the donut vault. I enjoyed seeing them all, but found special interest in the puffy jelly-filled glazed donuts and the chocolate-dipped cake donuts.
My mind goes back to the classroom, and I envision many OLLI friends I have seen share classroom 101. Some are attending different classes, but we do meet occasionally in the halls.
Then I recall people who just aren’t there anymore. One name now missing from our staff list for The SUN is Rosalind Hertz. Sadly, she passed away in January and joins the ranks of One More OLLI Friend We Will Miss.
OLLI is a learning community that spreads knowledge and creates social connections. There is a place for everyone be it teacher, student, or volunteer. I encourage you to value the part OLLI fills in your life, and especially the people that make it real. Live it well, and may the memories linger on.

The Sun Staff


  • Richard Adams

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  • Tina Bowman
  • Elizabeth Reinhart
  • Eileen Ringerman
  • Sallie Rodman


  • Ed Dignan
  • Rosalind Hertz
  • Tom Hood
  • Ina Levin
  • Sylvia Manheim
  • Sydelle Pomi
  • Greg Shea
  • Suzanne Walsh
  • Jim Worsham


  • Richard Adams

Graphics - Cartoonists

  • Harold Drab
  • Phil Garcia


  • Rebecca Low
OLLI Governing Council
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Mary Meyer Secretary

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William Fitzpatrick President Emeritus