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California State University, Long Beach
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Editor's Comments


I have been studying Robert Frost, known as America’s poet. He had many challenges in his youth and married life, but he found the goodness in life…and often captured it in words for us to receive. Setting priorities makes a difference. I am impressed by his attitude, which may be as important as his poetry. How he lived his life gives us some things to consider, to enhance our own experiences.
“The Frosts did not live by the clock, their clock conformed to the Frosts. There was always time for the thing in hand. Meals (bed time too I believe) were when you felt like them. Irregular hours for children meant an extension of experiences for them; it was more important for a child to go for a walk in the dark than to have an unbroken night’s rest. By day, walks and talks were not shortened for the sake of things less interesting.”
His playfulness made him a wonderful father. “When the snow fell, the children could be sure that he would eagerly rush them outside to ride a sled or build a snowman. In all seasons there were joyful things to do.”
Some call this “Present Moment Living.” So it is with us as OLLI members; there is always a joyful thing to be involved in. Each issue of The SUN lays it out for us with some 75 classes offered each quarter. These classes are taught by unpaid instructors who come to share their profession or their passion. We are the beneficiaries of their expertise, which they consolidate into no more than eight weekly sessions.
Come enjoy OLLI and share it with a friend or two.

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