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Applying for a Visiting Scholar Position

College of Business Administration is supportive of faculty members encouraging academic visits by colleagues as such opportunities for direct interaction foster a stimulating intellectual environment both in our college and in the larger academic community.

  1. Types of Academic Visitors
    • Short-term Academic Visitor (normally staying longer than 2 weeks but less than three months)
    • Long-term Academic Visitor (normally staying longer than three months but less than a year)
    • Self-supported Academic Visitor
    • Department-supported Academic Visitor

  2. Decision Process for Evaluating Short-term, Long-term & Self-supported AVs
    • A prospective AV should send an application to the each department office. The application should include at least (1) application letter, (2) academic vita, (3) research plan, (4) statement of faculty support needed, and (5) potential benefits to the department and/or the college.
    • Department Chair will review application and render a decision.
    • No application will be approved unless a faculty member is willing to sponsor the AV.
    • The department normally supports one AV at a time.

  3. Policy on Assigning Office Space to Short-term and Long-term AVs
    • Acceptance depends on availability of office space during the visit.

  4. Criteria for Acceptance of Applications
    • Applicants should have minimum academic qualifications (ABD or completed Ph.D. in a related field).