Home @ The Beach, an initiative through Center for Latino Community Health, that aims to empower the students of CSU Long Beach and the surrounding community by raising awareness of recent new campus services dedicated to assisting students experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. For instance, the CSULB Basic Needs Program is an umbrella effort to guide students through crisis with counseling, financial support, housing assistance, and food access. Further, the Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program acts as a safety net that serves as a quick response system and stabilization tool to unavoidable emergencies or barriers that occur in life. By connecting students to campus resources, these programs aim to will increase students’ ability to meet their basic needs and live a healthier life both on and off campus.

To create navigational tools of campus resources such as a comprehensive resource map highlighting the services and their locations on campus (located below). In addition, the Home @ The Beach aims to promote and advocate for the health, and well-being of diverse communities we serve.

Expected Outcomes

    Increased awareness of campus resources specifically aimed at assisting students experiencing housing, food insecurity, or other crisis
    Establish partnerships with campus offices coordinating these services

Long-term Outcomes

Increased health, academic success, and vibrancy of entire campus community by supporting not only pertinent needs but also social determinants that support or impinge upon their well-being and dignity.

  • Esperanza Aceves, M.A.Ed (c)
  • Social and Cultural Analysis of Education
  • Research Graduate Assistant, Center for Latino Community Health & VISTA AmeriCorps Summer Associate
  • Armando Castellon, M.S.(c)
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate
  • A_Castellon@live.com

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