World AIDS Day 2017

HIV & AIDS are a world epidemic. You can help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by staying informed and knowing your status.

Learn the basics about HIV & AIDS, HIV prevention and risk reduction strategies, find testing sites near you, learn about starting and keeping track of HIV care and treatment, and how to live with HIV/AIDS by following the link below:

HIV & AIDS Basics

Getting Tested

US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief



¡Salud a la Vida! will be hosting a seminar in which they will be showcasing their

research findings on the outstanding work conducted during this project.

Please join us on

November 29th, 2017

12:00 – 1:00 PM


Interested individuals should forward their cover letter and resume to CSULB-LatinoCenter@CSULB.edu

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Come learn about exercise, eating right, and stress management.

This is a 7-week course held on Fridays 2pm-4pm.

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Come Meet and Greet Nancy Segovia! She is a Master of Public Health Candidate working on the USDA Sanos y Fuertes Project

Her Background: “I was born in the city of Whittier, California and grew up in the city of Fountain Valley till the age of 10. From then, my family and I moved to Huntington Beach. Both of my parents are from Mexico. My mom is from Tutuaca, Chihuahua, Mexico and my dad is from Abasolo, Durango, Mexico. The majority of my family lives in Mexico, but I have relatives that live in different states around the U.S. including: Illinois, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Both of my parents come from large families, but I only have one younger sister. My last name has Spanish influence (I hope to one day visit the beautiful city of Segovia, Spain!!) Fun facts: 1. My paternal grandfather participated in the Bracero Program and 2. He [my dad’s father] told me that an inherited trait of Segovias are thick, dark eyebrows.”

Ultimate Dream Job or Career Goal: “Working for the Public Health Department (I am not sure specifically which one just yet). I hope that my future career involves impacting minority populations, specifically among Latinos, and advocating for their health and well being.”

 Research Interests: “Obesity prevention; Nutrition; Health disparities.”

 Favorite Hobbies: “Going to Disneyland; Going out to eat! Spending time outdoors, (i.e., beach; hiking; picnics at the park). Spending time with my family and my dog. Netflix.”

 Favorite superpower: “If I had a super power, it would have to be mind control–the ability to alter the perceptions of others and general ability to control the actions of others with the mind.”

Come Meet and Greet John Cabanatan! He is a Master of Public Health Candidate working on the PCORI/Latino Health Report Card Project.

 His Background: “Grew up in the City of Carson from 3 to 15 yrs old, then moved to the City of Norwalk from 15 to 20, moved back to Carson and currently living here now.  I was born in the Philppines and immigrated when I was 3 yrs old. I come from a small coast town of Olongapo City, Philippines. I’m an only child but I do have one step-sister and two half sisters. If you put our ages on a timeline I would be the second oldest child. All of my family members of my dad’s side migrated to the states. My biological mother and her family are still in the Philippines. My stepmother has family both in the States and the Philippines. My family is spread out all across the US and other countries, from California, Florida, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, England, Canada, etc.”

 Ultimate Dream Job or Career Goal: “To obtain my doctorate, to become a professor at a Cal State or a University teaching behavioral health education classes.”

 Research Interests: “Diabetes, sports related injuries, concussions, fitness & nutrition, motivational learning & development, and interpersonal relationships among individuals and families.”

 Favorite Hobbies: “Power/Olympic lifting, muay thai, exploring new places (food, divebars, hangout locations, etc) I’m all about the vibe and ambiance of places I see and experiences. I love being outside and being one with nature, cooking, movies/Netflix, comics, board games, videogames, playing sports & go to sporting events (baseball, basketball, football, mix martial arts). Hangout with friends and family =)”

 Favorite superpower: “If I had a superpower, it would have to be the ability to read people’s minds like Professor Xavier or Jean Grey from X-Men. Or the ability of instant transmission like in Dragonball Z (teleport).” 

“Ten years ago the CSULB/NCLR Center for Latino Community Health, Evaluation and Leadership Training opened its doors, unveiling new offices in the Foundation Building before a group of political, health and campus officials.

Since then, the Center has earned national and international recognition for its programs that have positively impacted Latino communities not only in Long Beach and Southern California, but throughout the United States and Mexico. The Center focuses on improving, promoting and advocating for the health, culture and well-being of diverse Latino/Hispanic communities, while providing research and community service opportunities to faculty and students.”

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