Center for Health Equity Research Team

Jessica Cueva

Jessica Cueva is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at CSULB majoring in Health Science with an option in Community Health Education within the College of Health and Human Services. In completing her studies, she is working to pursue her Master of Public Health following her baccalaureate degree. Jessica’s areas of interest include health education promotion for underserved populations and program planning. Following her graduate degree, she hopes to kickstart her career as a Public Health Data Analyst.

Jasmine Doxey

Jasmine is a public health graduate student at CSULB, and the first in her family to pursue a master’s degree. Her areas of interest are health inequities and social determinants of health among communities of color. In the future she hopes to work in community health education and prevention, and conduct research for minority and underserved populations. She is excited to be a part of CHER as a stepping stone for gaining practical skills and experience in health equity research.

Ivan Keophimphone

Ivan Keophimphone is an upcoming graduate at California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Health Science, and an emphasis in Community Health. His areas of interest regarding research and health include community interventions addressing less equitable health outcomes and environmental health. He will be the first in his family to graduate from a four year university, and plans to pursue a career in firefighting, working towards promoting health through prevention and fire safety.

Samantha Ruiz

Samantha Ruiz is a volunteer at CHER and is currently pursuing her Master in Public Health degree at CSULB. Sam holds a B.A. in Human Biology with a focus in Cross-Cultural Health and Healing from Pitzer College and has a background in youth organizing and addressing injustices experienced by incarcerated women. She currently addresses educational inequities by working with first-generation college bound youth in her community. Sam is passionate about environmental justice, particularly about the health effects of the built environment on marginalized communities. She hopes to eventually start her career in youth organizing and policy efforts centered on health disparities. On her free time, Sam enjoys practicing yoga, crafting herbal medicine and spending time outdoors by hiking or cycling.

Patricia Trinidad

Patricia Trinidad is in her final year of the Master of Public Health program at CSULB. She is interested in fostering healthier physical, nutritional, and higher educational attainment for women and children of communities of color. She hopes to continue researching these topics and help build capacity for organizations serving historically under served populations through evaluation, grant-writing, and consulting for community-based organizations. In the future, Patricia plans to be a non-profit Executive Director or Director of a social venture organization working to advance health equity for communities of color.