PPOWER 2 Tobacco-Cannabis Intervention for YBMSM

What is PPOWER2?



Promotional flyer for PPOWER2

Funded by the University of California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program,  the goal of the PPOWER2  project is to develop and test a peer-led, tobacco/nicotine and cannabis intervention tailored to Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men (YBMSM) in Long Beach, California.



Young men who report nonuse or infrequent use of tobacco/nicotine and cannabis will be engaged and supported to avoid initiation and transitioning into frequent users, while frequent users will be referred to cessation services at partner organizations.



PPOWER2 is comprised of individual- and community-level intervention activities. Using a comparison group from surrounding communities, CHER will examine the effectiveness of a peer-led approach for reducing tobacco/nicotine and cannabis use among YBMSM.




PPOWER2 is underway now!