RIMI Institute: Social Networks & Analysis

Wed 6/20 @ 09:00 am to @ 04:00 pm PDT

Day 1:Social Networks and Health, Thomas W. Valente, PhD
Department of Preventive Medicine
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
Day 2:Analyzing Network Data: An Introduction with UCINET
Robert A. Hanneman, PhD, Department of Sociology University of California, Riverside


Chocolate Cake Seminar: Anova

Mon 10/22 @ 12:00 pm to @ 01:00 pm PDT

Have you ever wanted to test if the means of several groups were the same or not? Then analysis of variance (ANOVA) is what you need. This presentation will discuss how to test whether several means are the same in designs with one factor as well as two factors using such statistical software packages as SAS and SPSS. There will be time for questions and discussion at the end.


RIMI Institute: Introduction to Diary Methods

Thu 8/22 @ 09:00 am to @ 04:00 pm PDT

An Introduction to Diary Methods (Includes: Introduction to M-Plus) Dr. Jean-Philippe Laurenceau Professor, Department of Psychology University of Delaware


Two Approaches to Understanding HIV Risk in Minority Women

Wed 10/16 @ 03:30 pm to @ 04:30 pm PDT

The Psychology Colloquium & The CSULB RIMI project Health disparities research seminar series Two Approaches to Understanding HIV Risk in Minority Women Dr. Grace Reynolds. CSULB Department of Health Care Administration


RIMI Summer Institute Aug 2014 - Bethany Bray

Mon 8/4 @ 09:00 am to @ 04:00 pm PDT

Bethany Bray: Latent Class Analysis
The Methodology Center Pennsylvania State University
FREE, Space is limited!



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