The Use of the Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Program for Health Disparities Research

Dr. Naomi Hall-Byers
Professor, Psychological Sciences
Winston-Salem State University

Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 10:00 am to 11:00 am PDT
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Join us for our latest live online interactive research career-development webinar! The webinar presenter will be Dr. Naomi Hall-ByersProfessor, Psychological Sciences at Winston-Salem State University. Participants in this webinar will

  • Understand the purpose of the SC mechanisms (i.e. SC1, SC2, SC3) “Individual investigator-initiated research projects aimed at developing researchers at minority-serving institutions (MSIs) to a stage where they can transition successfully to other extramural support ([R01 or equivalent], NIH 2018).”
  • Understand the process for applying for SC mechanisms
  • Understand the expectations and benefits of the SC mechanisms

Who should register: College or University faculty, particularly new researchers and those at minority-serving institutions, interested in conducting NIH funded investigator-initiated research.

2018/19 CHER Institute Webinar Series




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Dr. Naomi Hall-ByersProfessor, Psychological SciencesWinston-Salem State University

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