Arbitrary arbitration: diverting juveniles into the justice system--a reexamination after 22 years.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol, Volume 55, Issue 4, p.605-25 (2011)




<p>This article reports on a study of a juvenile diversion program based in California. It replicates a similar 1986 study of a Florida-based juvenile diversion program. Both studies examine the appropriateness of the actual juvenile population serviced in comparison with the declared and described programs&#39; target populations. Findings in the current research support earlier findings that the diversion program services self-serving, low-risk populations, rather than their intended &quot;first-time nonviolent,&quot; more seriously at risk of continued delinquent behavior, target population. This finding is examined in terms of its relationship to issues of labeling and net widening, and suggests how the current study diversion program manages to create a façade that more seriously at-risk youth are being properly targeted by the program.</p>