Partnership for the Public’s Health (PPH)

This project was a statewide initiative funded by the California Endowment. Its goals were to

  • Strengthen communities to identify and address health concerns,
  • Strengthen and mobilize health departments to better serve communities, and
  • Mobilize local partnerships to strengthen systems for identifying and addressing health issues in California.

Community residents formed the core of the PPH project and were trained as Health Leaders. CHER led the evaluation of the project including, but not limited to, participant observation, development and administration of workshop evaluations, facilitation of focus groups, and development and administration of surveys.

The results showed members of different communities and cultures discovered that many of their community and health concerns were similar and were able to work and learn together, and began to share this information with other community members. The community partnerships were also strengthened during the course of the project. One of the most remarkable indicators of success was the cooperation and coordination of activities between the two participating community-based organizations and the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services.