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William Pedersen, PhD

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My overall research is focused on factors that impact aggressive behavior and violence.  I am currently working on two lines of research in this area.


The first investigates the impact of social exclusion on both pain and subsequent aggressive behavior. We are also examining whether stimulation of the ventral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC) through a non-invasive cognitive task can reduce aggression by reducing the pain experienced in response to being socially excluded. 


The second looks at the consequences of alcohol priming on subsequent displaced aggression (i.e., aggression directed at someone other than the individual who originally provoked you).  Furthermore, the current study in this line of research also assesses whether (1) behavioral disinhibition and (2) physiological arousal might underlie the ability of alcohol priming to influence displaced aggression.  This work has applications for understanding how even being around alcohol cues (without consuming alcohol) can influence behavior. 


Office: Psychology Building, Room 231

Download: Mentor/Trainee Contract (doc)

Current/Former BUILD Trainees in this Lab: Tatiana Avila, Gabby Ruiz, and Sydney Carpentier