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William Pedersen, PhD

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My overall research is focused on factors that impact aggressive behavior and violence.  I am currently working on three lines of research.


The first investigates the impact of social exclusion on both pain and subsequent aggressive behavior. We are currently examining whether temporal distance and group size can reduce the effect of social exclusion on aggression. 


The second looks at how the experience of personal control and collective narcissism can impact intergroup aggression. 

The third line of research (1) examines the effect of rumination on the relationship between the emotions of both anger and fear on collective action intentions and (2) empirically assess whether group efficacy increases the likelihood of collective action intentions in the context of fear. Insights gained from this research may in turn be applied to a variety of important social justice issues that could bring about positive societal change.  


Office: Psychology Building, Room 231

Download: Mentor/Trainee Contract (doc)

Current/Former BUILD Trainees in this Lab: Tatiana Avila, Gabby Ruiz, Sydney Carpentier, and David Guirgus