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Stephen Mezyk, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
Research Fields, Techniques & Topics: 
Ongoing Projects: 

1. Nitrosamine carcinogenesis

2. Wastewater remediation - removing chemical contaminants for direct potable reuse

3. Estrogenic effects in treated waters


I am a Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at CSULB with over 30 years of research studying radiation- and radical-induced chemistry.  I now has over 180 peer-reviewed articles, have given 50 invited talks, and most importantly, I have nearly 300 conference presentations by my research students.  My research at CSULB has been funded from multiple external grants, totalling over 8 million dollars.  My current research for BUILD is focused on remediating chemically-contaminated waters, notably quantitatively removing antibiotic and estrogenic steroid activity using advanced oxidation process technologies, as well as some toxicology investigations of these contaminant chemicals.