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Sara Moghtadernejad, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
Research Fields, Techniques & Topics: 
Ongoing Projects: 

I am intrigued by different engineering subjects. My research has been focused on projects in various fields such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, aerospace, biotechnology, etc. In particular, it is centered around


• Fluid dynamics (Multiphase flow)

• Micro/Nanofluid systems

• Transport phenomena (Suspension & particles, Porous media)

• Heat transfer and Thermodynamics (Thermo fluid, Solidification)

• Pharmaceutical unit operations (Feeder, Blender, Mill, Tablet press)


In my research program, students will get familiarized with the manufacturing of solid dose pharmaceutical ingredients. They will learn the following skills:


• Powder characterization

• Pharmaceutical unit operations (feeders, Blenders, tablet presses)

• Applications of multi-variant techniques in pharmaceutical manufacturing