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Sandra P. Arévalo, Ph.D.

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Research Approach(es): 
Ongoing Projects: 

I am currently working on two main projects. The first project, with older Latino adults, is two-fold: (1) to identify the social conditions and contexts across the life course (e.g., type of work, immigrant history, and stress exposure) associated with cognitive decline; and (2) to identify biological pathways (e.g., allostatic load, metabolic dysregulation, dietary deficiencies, sleep) linking social conditions/contexts with cognitive health. My second project seeks to identify the effects of adverse experiences and traumatic events, experienced across the life course, on the physical and mental health of disadvantaged groups (e.g., im-migrants in low socioeconomic positions, and racial/ethnic minority groups).


Research Interests

My research program has a bio-psycho-social approach. I combine theory, data, and methods from the social, behavioral, and biological sciences to understanding human development, behavior and health; and the interrelationships between social stratification, and the health and well-being of disadvantaged population groups across the life course.