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Accepting Applicants: 
Ongoing Projects: 
  • Improving drinking water quality via manganese removal from contaminated natural water sources

Groundwater is a substantial source of water supply that provides approximately 40% of Southern California's drinking water. High levels of dissolved manganese and iron are often found in groundwater due to weathering and leaching of metal-bearing minerals and rocks. Over the past decade, several epidemiological studies have addressed the neurotoxic effects of manganese in young children. This research program will provide students (both from science and engineering fields) an opportunity to learn about the adverse impacts of the presence of manganese on the human health and apply their theoretical and fundamental knowledge to efficiently treat and control manganese level in drinking water. In addition, the scholars would gain hands-on experience in a wide variety of materials characterization techniques and instruments by working in a research lab.

  • Industrial wastewater desalination: simultaneous reclamation and resource recovery from oil and gas wastewater

The main goal of this research project is to design a robust and eco-efficient system for the simultaneous reclamation of industrial wastewaters, minimize their adverse impacts on the environment and human health and harvest valuable components.