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Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
Research Fields, Techniques & Topics: 
Ongoing Projects: 

Center for Health Equity in the Americas - A center that promotes and funds research on solutions to health disparities in vulnerable populations, including indigenous groups, from the tip of Chile through Latin America, Central America, North America, including Canada and Alaska.

Areas of research include health disparities.

SKILLS to have or will be trained on: resource development and management, website management, blogging, postings of scientific information in electronic outlets, grant writing, grant reviews.


Es Tiempo, a stunningly beautiful campaign that uses the environmental cue of the blooming of the jacaranda tree as an annual reminder for women to get a Pap test, to test against cervical cancer, or to have sons and daughters vaccinated against the HPV virus.

Areas of research include: Health communication campaign, health education, creative solutions to disparities.

SKILLS to have or will be trained on: community-based data collection, scientific literature reviews, Spanish language preference, culturally and language specific health communication and messaging, basic statistical skills, skills in power point, oral presentation skills.


Maximizing retailers participation in compliance with tobacco regulation. This project is part of a large center, USC Tobacco Center for Regulatory Sciences in Vulnerable Populations. This project in particular works with community-based participatory principles and trains promotoras de salud and other community health workers to conduct retailer based research among African Americans, Hispanic Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander (Korean), Low SES Non Hispanic Whites (Armenians, Russian, other middle eastern immigrant groups), and in American Indians tribal lands to observe compliance, interview retailers on tobacco and electronic cigarettes and conduct focus groups with key opinion leaders on tobacco.

Research interest include: tobacco prevention and control, policy work, research with community health workers, promotoras de salud, health disparities, tobacco disparities, marketing of tobacco and electronic cigarettes, point of sale advertising.

SKILLS to have or be trained on: community-based research, working in the retail environment, working on regulatory processes, compliance with regulations, communicating health messages to the public, issues of literacy, numeracy levels, culturally appropriate messaging in various ethnic communities.



Office: Soto Street Building 302M