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Kim Vu, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
Research Fields, Techniques & Topics: 
Ongoing Projects: 

Human Factors is a field that examines how people interact with technology.  Use of technology can promote physical and mental health.  I am working on several projects examining how new technology can increase heath and well-being.

1. Low Vision project -- evaluate tools/techniques to display information to low vision users

2. Accessibility of E-textbooks project -- evaluate the accessibility of electronic textbooks and their level usability for persons with disabilities

3. Non-verbal and Pictorial displays for conveying Information--examines how well people can interpret non-verbal (i.e., symbols) and pictorial displays that are used to inform users about how to take medicine or extract information about what they are eating. 

4. Aviation human factors -- examine new concepts and technologies for aviation (including workload analyses).



Office: Psychology Building, Room 333