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Katarzyna Slowinska, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
Research Fields, Techniques & Topics: 
Ongoing Projects: 

1. Modification of collagen gels with metallic nanoparticles changes the structure of the gel and its properties.

2. Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) and Electrochemical Time-of-Flight (ETOF) are used to study diffusion within the gels.

3. Designed peptide nanocarriers can deliver drugs to the cell and improve drug bioavailability.

4. Control over the cell motility can become a major factor in improving the implantable sensor time of operation within the body.

5. Formation of fibers and sheets from self-assembled peptides results in novel materials with potential applications in biotechnology.

6. Controllable crystallization of a peptide can lead to fully organic porous materials with long-range order.



Office: Molecular & Life Sciences Center Building, Room 248