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Karissa Miller, PhD

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My current research involves examining various aspects of attention toward threat in relation to indicators of autonomic activity both at rest and in response to stress. BUILD scholars could become involved in various aspects of this project, from analyzing pre-existing data to helping develop materials and collect demographic, psychological, autonomic and neuroendocrine data for the next steps in this work. Students will have the opportunity to gain skills in the use and development of computerized response time measures of attentional bias toward threat-related stimuli and related intervention tasks, the administration of psychological stress tasks, the collection and analyzing of autonomic data derived from electrocardiogram recordings and neuroendocrine data derived from salivary cortisol.


Scholars will be required to participate in CITI-training on responsible conduct of research with human subjects before becoming involved.


Ideally, students will have taken a course in Research Methods and Statistics prior to their involvement. In addition, a background in physiology and prior research experience involving human participants would be ideal.


Office Hours: Wed. 1-2 pm and by Appointment


Room: PSY 315