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Jen-Mei Chang, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
Research Approach(es): 
Ongoing Projects: 

Image processing on placental chorionic surface vascular network, pattern analysis and classification on large data sets that are of interest to physical scientists.

My primary research interest is concerned with understanding of patterns in high-dimensional data sets geometrically, which translates into a myriad of theoretical, algorithmic, and computational analysis of massive data sets from a geometric perspective. Current projects include:

• Develop new techniques of image processing and pattern recognition to study the relationship between mathematical features of human placentas and health risks in young adults [in collaboration with Dr. Carolyn Salafia at Placental Analytics, LLC];

• Develop mathematical models for understanding and analyzing large data sets such as hyperspectral images and financial information.

• Investigate ways to enhance student learning outcomes.



Office: Faculty Office 3 Building, Room 115