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H. Isabella Lanza, PhD

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The RHAYA (pronounced RAY-uh) lab broadly examines health-risk behaviors from early adolescence to young adulthood. The lab focuses on co-occurrence of health risks, such as obesity and substance use, as well as the biobehavioral and social processes underlying risky behavior. Addressing newer forms of health-risks gaining popularity among youth, like e-cigarettes/vaping, is also a priority for the RHAYA lab. In addition, the RHAYA lab is interested in understanding developmental outcomes of obese youth from a social developmental perspective, including the role of bullying/victimization on school dropout.

Currently, the RHAYA lab is conducting naturalistic observations of vape shops, analyzing national survey data on e-cigarette use/vaping among adolescents and young adults, and utilizing California state survey data to examine the role of obesity on academic and socio-emotional outcomes across adolescence.



Office: LA3-200F (Dept. of Human Development)