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Fangyuan Tian, PhD

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Millions of people are suffering from coronary diseases, and this number is expected to increase in the next few decades. For a large portion of patients who are wearing or will need a stent (a stainless steel mesh tube) implanted inside of their coronary artery, it is essential to design a biocompatible safe stent material. In our lab, we aim to fabricate a biodegradable stent coating material: iron-containing metal organic frameworks (Fe-MOFs) on stainless steel. This new material is a porous thin film, composed of non-toxic Fe ions connected by therapeutic dicarboxylate linkers.


In this study, we will focus on the preparation and characterization of surface-supported Fe-MOF films, as well as the evaluation of their biological stabilities. Moreover, model drugs used in conventional drug-eluting stents will be evaluated in the powder Fe-MOFs. Students will learn the basic thin film coating techniques, surface characterization, as well as drug loading and releasing measurements.


Office: Hall of Science Building, Room 362