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Erika Holland, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
Research Approach(es): 
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Ongoing Projects: 

BUILD scholars will be involved in studies regarding the toxicity of chemicals on receptor and cellular processes. This will include the impact of chemicals on receptor activation state and will utilize receptor-ligand binding assays. Under this project, students will learn protein isolation and detection methods, radio-ligand binding assays, dose-response analysis software and basic statistical modeling for health regulatory practices.


Additional studies for consideration for BUILD scholars will be using cellular models to assess the impact of receptor activation on gene expression patterns. Under this project students would establish skills in cellular culture, qPCR primer probe development, and RNA extraction and gene expression measurements.


Outside of these research-based skills student will keep detailed notes in laboratory manuals and participate in informal laboratory presentation as well as formal presentations at BUILD symposiums and professional conferences in toxicology.


Office: Hall of Science Building, Room 146