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Daniel Whisler, PhD

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As members of The Impact Group, students will engage in leading experimental (physical) dynamic impact research using the latest in low and high strain rate instrumentation, high-speed data collection, and sophisticated finite element modeling software for virtually replicating the real event through computer simulation. From the first day, students will be designing and machining custom parts, engaging in project management by coordinating their work with other student groups and CSULB lab technicians, and leading research projects in developing newer and safer materials and designs for human protection in extreme loading conditions.


This is a highly multidisciplinary team and all students regardless of background are expected to have familiarity with current machining practices (mill, lathe, all hand/power tools) and Matlab, Solidworks, and large data manipulations custom programming scripts.


These fundamentals will be forged through hands-on training and students will leave The Impact Group with a solid understanding and training to:

1. use virtually any subtractive or additive machining required in nearly every engineering field;

2. capture high fidelity data, process, and then extract parameters for validation of physical and simulated experiments;

3. design, build, test, analyze, and optimize, and simulate transient impact events on organic and inorganic materials; and

4. confidently lead a research team toward a common goal with heavy emphasis on personal responsibility and integrity for all aspects related to the research project.


The ultimate goal of The Impact Group is to enable students to explore the physical world around them and show them the true meaning of an engineer-- not as a series of equations in a book in a specific discipline, but as a progression from scholar to leader across a diverse breadth of topics so that they may make a lasting impact in their lives and those around them for the better.


Office: Engineering/Computer Sciences Building, Room 626