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Courtney Ahrens, Ph.D.

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Ethnocultural Influences on Women's Experiences of and Responses to Intimate Partner ViolenceResearch about ethnocultural influences on women’s experience of and response to intimate partner violence is scarce, contributing to culturally incongruent processes that may deter some survivors from engaging with community systems. To fill this gap in the literature, the current study utilizes a mixed method design to examine the ways that cultural beliefs and contexts serve as a lens through which European-American, Mexican- American, Korean-American, and Vietnamese-American women experience and respond to intimate partner violence in their lives. To achieve these aims, 300 adult female participants will be recruited from community organizations in the greater Los Angeles area to complete an on-line survey about conflicts in their relationship. One hundred of these survivors will also be invited to participate in individual interviews about the conflicts in their relationship in the language of their choice. Focus groups with key community informants will be used to supplement survivor narratives by providing further information about cultural beliefs that may affect how survivors of intimate partner violence are treated by the community. A grounded theory approach will then be used to analyze all qualitative data.


Student roles include:

• Interviewing survivors of intimate partner violence

• Translating narratives of survivors of intimate partner violence

• Qualitative coding of survivor narratives of intimate partner violence and sexual assault

• Community presentations about intimate partner violence


Office: Psychology Building, Room 319