Fall 2018 CHER Interns

Without the hard work of our student interns the complex and varied CHER projects would not be possible. Here are a few of the impressive accomplishments and goals for our Fall 2018 CHER interns.


Deanna Afif is a 2nd year Graduate student in the Public Health Program at CSULB. Her areas of interest are in chronic disease epidemiology as well as environmental health specifically in water quality and gastrointestinal diseases. In the future she hopes to work in an international health organization as an epidemiologist. In her spare time she likes to go camping and hiking.


Gabriel Cruz is currently a graduate student in the Masters in Public Health Program at CSULB. His career aspirations are to pursue medicine and work as a doctor in the medical field. Some of his research interests in public health include diabetes prevention, HIV, and Epidemiology. Gabriel comes from a family background of nursing, as both his parents work as Public Health Nurses for the Los Angeles County Department of Health.


Nathalia Kim will be graduating from CSULB in fall 2018, with a Bachelor of Science in health science. Upon graduation, she will be applying to graduate school of occupational therapy. Her goal is to become an occupational therapist who will bring positive change to each individual’s life. Nathalia’s areas of interest in research include autism, mental health, and HIV/AIDS. She sees CHER as a great opportunity to build her professionalism and gain skills in research, data entry, and data collection.