CHER's Jaelen Owens Recognized by Chancellor's Office

The Center for Health Equity Research is proud to announce CHER staff member Jaelen Owens has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the California State University Chancellor’s Office and Dr. Ganesh Raman, AVC, Research for his excellent presentation at the Research Advocacy event held on June 28, 2018 at the California State Capitol.

Jaelen had the opportunity to travel to the state capitol and speak on behalf of CHER and CSULB, hoping to persuade legislatures to keep California State University (CSU) system in mind for future research funding opportunities. Accompanied by students from CSU Fresno, San Jose and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he spread the word of research done in the CSU system. Even though the research at CHER was vastly different from what is being undertaken on other campuses, it was gratifying to know that other CSU campuses are doing innovative research in their respective fields.