Project RESPECT was a multi-site trial comparing the effect of a theory-driven HIV counseling and testing intervention with the CDC standard intervention and a minimalist intervention. The Project RESPECT is now part of the CDC’s effective HIV prevention interventions.


RESPECT-2 compared a single HIV counseling session plus a rapid HIV test to the intervention found effective in Project RESPECT. The CDC now includes RESPECT-2 as part of its effective HIV prevention interventions.

The Cambodian Family Community Center (TCFCC)

The Cambodian Family is a grassroots, community-based organization serving Cambodian and Latino neighborhoods in Santa Ana, California. In partnership, CHER evaluates programming, and designed and conducted a community needs assessment which highlighted determinants of health, community assets, challenges, and gaps in existing services.

Long Beach HIV Needs Assessment

A project to help identify HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment needs of diverse populations in Long Beach and surrounding communities.


A study of the safety and efficacy of daily oral antiretroviral use for the prevention of HIV infection in heterosexually active young adults in Botswana.

Partnership for the Public’s Health (PPH)

Evaluation of a California Endowment-funded initiative to strengthen and mobilize communities, health departments, and local partnerships to identify and address community health concerns.

CDC Health Leader Study

An evaluation of monetary incentives compared to other forms of recognition on the productivity and satisfaction of volunteer community health leaders.

The TIM Project

A project to develop an intervention and to test social-networking-based message delivery to motivate HIV testing among young black men who have sex with men.

Rompe el Silencio - Break the Silence

Rompe el Silencio/Break the Silence was a culturally based intervention to increase HIV/AIDS communication among U.S. Latina families in order to reduce the risk of HIV/STI infection.