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Barbara Grossman-Thompson, PhD

Accepting Applicants: 
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The project my mentee(s) would work on focuses on health outcomes of women migrants from Nepal. Nepal has an extremely high rate of foreign labor migration but due to a number of gender discriminatory regulations and laws, most women migrants migrate illegally. This makes them particularly vulnerable to a number of negative outcomes. While Nepali women’s migration is understudied in general, the health of Nepali women migrants before, during and after migration has not received any scholarly attention to date.


The study asks,

1. What were health issues encountered during the migration process and while abroad?

2. How were earnings spent on health related expenditures for the migrant or the migrants’ family?

3. Did migration effect a net change in the health of the migrant or the migrants’ family?


The study will engage qualitative and quantitative data collection using interviews and household surveys. The BUILD scholar(s) will work with the qualitative and quantitative data and eventually assist in in-country fieldwork in Nepal. While working with collected data the BUILD scholar will develop their proficiency in data processing software such as STATA and N’Vivo. In addition, the BUILD scholar(s) would conduct reviews of the relevant literature.


As a mentor I expect my mentee to learn the foundational skills of research design and implementation. I also expect the BUILD scholar(s) I work with to develop a deep knowledge of research ethics. I hope to publish and present with my mentee(s) and in this way expose them to a variety of professional skills.


Office: Liberal Arts 3 Building, Room 103B