Dr. A. Z. Mason

Associate Dean for Research and External Support, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Department of Biological Sciences
California State University Long Beach,
1250 Bellflower Boulevard,
Long Beach, CA 90840, USA.
Office: (562) 985-5266;  

Email: zedmason@csulb.edu

The primary focus of our research at the Molecular Toxicology Laboratories at CSULB is to study the effects of anthropogenic chemicals and pollutants on aquatic organisms and the ecosystems in which they dwell.

Areas of research include elucidating the molecular and cellular mechanisms of entry of pollutants into aquatic organisms and determining their ultimate fate and impact on the health of the individuals and the community structures they inhabit. 

Current projects in this area include studies on the uptake, bioaccumulation and excretion of specific classes of metals and xenobiotics compounds by organisms and their biotransformation and metabolism. 

The metabolism and the biochemical and molecular mode of toxicological action of these compounds are also being studied in relation to physiological and genetic phenomena such as toxicological acclimation, adaptation and resistance.

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