Dr. Tim Xie 
Office: FO3-315
California State University Long Beach
(562) 985-5278 vc     (562) 985-5135 fax

Office Hours:
Mon, Wed & Thurs   2:30-4:00 

Courses I Teach:

CHN 101 Web version, BeachBoard version
Fundamentals of Chinese, offered in Fall 2001
CHN 102 Web version, BeachBoard version
          Fundamentals of Chinese, offered in Fall 2001
CHN 201 Web version,
Intermediate Chinese, offered in Spring 2001
CHN 202 Web version
Intermediate Chinese, offered in Spring 2000
CHIN 380 Topics in Chinese Linguistics
Introduction to Chinese, will be offered in Spring 2002
CHN 490 Business Chinese, offered in Fall 2001

Education & Background:

Research Interests:

Technology and Chinese language teaching
Exploring the possibility and feasibility to use computers in teaching Chinese.
 Second language acquisition
The difficulties of learning Chinese by native English speakers
Language policy, language planning, Chinese script reform

Projects & Collaborations:

Animated Chinese characters
Showing Chinese characters stroke by stroke
Conversational Mandarin Chinese
15 Units of conversational Chinese for beginners, sound files and exercises
How to Use Unicode Pinyin
Web page introducing how to use unicode Pinyin for 2000
Learning Chinese Online
Web site helping students to learn Chinese
Online grammar exercises for PCR users
Interactive grammaer exercises
Online Tools for Chinese Language Instructors
Web resources for teachers
Practical Chinese Reader: Learning Aids Online
A collection of links to online learning materials of PCR users
Shanghai Dialect
Web site for study Shanghai dialect
Technology and Chinese Language Teaching
Presentations at the Hamilton College Techonology and Chinese Language Teaching Workshop (June 2000)
Working Papers
Collection of my working papers. Comments are welcome.

Publications & Honors:

Using Internet Relay Chat in Teaching Chinese
Discussing how to use IRC for teaching Chinese. CALICO Journal. Forthcoming.
e-Generation's Chinese Language Teachers: Meet the New Challenges
Discussing the basic skills that the Chinese language teachers should have to meet the challenges in the new millenium. Journal of CLTA, Vol. 36:3, 2001.
Pros and Cons of Using Computers in Teaching Chinese.
In Modern Education Technology and Chinese Teaching to Foreigners. Guangxi: Guangxi Normal University, 2000.
Using computers in teaching Chinese
          In Mapping the Course of the Chinese Language Field, Chinese Language Teachers Association Monograph Series, Volume III. Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1999. Exploring various ways to use computers in teaching the language
Current Trends in SociolinguisticsBeijing: Zhongguo Shehui Kexue Chubanshe, 1997
Discussing the current issues in sociolinguistics, co-authored with Tao Hongyin and Xu Daming
A Functional Study of Topic in Chinese: the First Step Towards Discourse AnalysisBeijing: Yuwen Chubanshe, 1995
Translation of F. F. Tsao's book from English

last updated: October 15, 2001